Mỡ chịu nhiệt cao cấp CALIX Premium L2

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Sản phẩm: Mỡ chịu nhiệt cao cấp CALIX Premium L2

Cảm quan: Vàng hổ phách

Nước bán hàng: Singapore

Nhiệt độ nhỏ giọt: 245

Khối lượng: 180 kg

Các loại bao bì: Phuy 180kg, xô 17kg

Liên hệ

Multipurpose lithium grease CALIX PREMIUM L2 is high temperature endurable ability type with excellent high quality oil, plus premium additives such as anti-rusting, anti-oxidant in them. It is recommended for use of roller bearings or other friction parts lubrication of machines and equipments, cog-wheel of pump or lorry.... They are also used in preserving aluminium copperwire

-Excellent mechanical stability, oxidation stability, colloidal stability, antiwear and antirust property provide extended protection
-Good water resistance and corrosion protection afford enhanced protection, can be applied on mechanical parts in humid environment

- Clean the lubricating parts before use
- Dispose off used grease as per statutory norms and protect the environment
- Avoid contact with eyes and skin directly

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